Styled Shoot: September 7, 2019

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I understand that all images taken by Ashley Lauren Photography are protected. The Work created by Ashley Lauren Photography during the styled shoot constitutes the copyrighted work of Ashley Smith and Ashley Lauren Photography. As a model of Ashley Lauren Photography, I understand that the images taken by Ashley Lauren Photography are protected by Federal Copyright Laws and that I will not many ANY copies or reproductions in any form (print or electronic) without the express written permission of Ashley Lauren Photography. Reproduction includes, but is not limited to scanning, downloading, right-clicking, e-mailing, saving to hard drive, posting on websites or blogs, photocopying, printing screen shots, or printing in any manner. This also includes saving and re-posting through your own social media any photos that may be posted to Ashley Lauren Photography's Website, Blog, Instagram, or Facebook. *The Work at all times shall remain the property of Ashley Smith and Ashley Lauren Photography. Any portion of the work delivered to Model is for Model's personal use only. Model may not sell or reproduce images, nor authorize the sale or reproduction of any portion of the work without Ashley Lauren Photography's written consent or an additional fee. *No changes shall be made for services and/or goods provided based upon the model's dissatisfaction with such style of photography. The Model acknowledges and agrees that the style of photography provided hereunder is artistic, candid, and genuine with minimal posed portraits. Requests for re-editing of any kind, including black & white or vice versa, will be charged $15 per image.
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I hereby grant Ashley Lauren Photography, LLC. the right to use and publish images for purpose of display, editorial work, portfolio, website, social media or publication to promote Ashley Lauren Photography. I agree that these images can be used by Ashley Lauren Photography without any additional compensation. I agree that Ashley Lauren Photography cannot be held responsible for any specific image that may not be delivered. *The model will be compensated with images from styled shoot in a gallery format sent via email. The amount of images received from the Photographer are at her discretion. Due to the nature of the shoot, Ashley Lauren Photography is not expected to deliver images to model on any specified date.
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